European Birds Names

What is it for?

Every time, it’s the same problem!

In Spain, France or Sweden, no way to know how they call the Honey buzzard or what the hell may be a Turmfalke or a Järnsparv.

Instead of a list of birds one have to browse endlessly, how easy it could be to have a dictionnary displaying two languages of your choice!

How does it work?

European Birds Names consists of a dictionary of more than 400 species of European birds in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Norwegian, along with the Latin scientific name.

When the French name doesn’t match the old classification, the old vernacular name is displayed.

How is it built?

The first screen shows a choice between the principal language and the desired translation.

The second screen lists all the birds in an alphabetical order, with an index and a search field.

The third shows the name in all the available languages.

ScreenEN_1 ScreenEN_2 ScreenEN_3

European Birds Names exists in two versions :

European Birds Names Lite, a free version with about 160 water birds in 4 languages, including the Latin scientific name. Everybody can test it and verify that it fills their needs.

European Birds Names, a paid version with more of 400 birds of Europe in 8 languages,
including Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch, along with latin.

Available Languages :

Both Apps come with the Latin scientific name.

European Birds Names Lite : French, English, German.

European Birds Names : French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch,
along with the old French nomenclature if applicable.